take [n] profit booty*, catch, catching, cut, gate, haul*, holding, part, proceeds, receipts, return, returns, revenue, share, takings, yield; concept 344 —Ant. debt, loss take [v1] get; help oneself to abduct, accept, acquire, arrest, attain, capture, carry off, carve out, catch, clasp, clutch, collar*, collect, earn, ensnare, entrap, gain possession, gather up, get hold of, grab, grasp, grip, handle, haul in, have, hold, lay hold of, obtain, overtake, pick up, prehend, pull in, reach, reap, receive, secure, seize, snag, snatch, strike, take hold of, take in, win; concepts 120,142 —Ant. give, receive take [v2] steal abduct, abstract, accroach, annex, appropriate, arrogate, borrow, carry off, commandeer, confiscate, expropriate, filch*, haul in, liberate, lift*, misappropriate, nab*, nail*, nip*, pick up, pinch*, pluck, pocket*, preempt, pull in, purloin, rip off*, run off with*, salvage, seize, sequester, snag, snare, snatch*, snitch*, swipe*, take in; concept 139 —Ant. give, offer take [v3] buy; reserve book, borrow, charter, choose, cull, decide on, derive, draw, elect, engage, gain, get, hire, lease, mark, obtain, optate, opt for, pay for, pick, prefer, procure, purchase, rent, select, single out; concepts 41,327 —Ant. refuse, reject take [v4] endure abide, accept, accommodate, bear, bear with, brave, brook, contain, give access, go, go through, grin and bear it*, hack*, hang in*, hang on*, hang tough*, hold, let in, live with, put up with, receive, ride out*, stand, stand for, stick it out*, stomach, submit to, suffer, swallow, take it, take it lying down*, take it on the chin*, tolerate, undergo, weather, welcome, withstand; concept 23 —Ant. avoid, discontinue, dodge, refuse, reject, stop take [v5] consume devour, down, drink, eat, feed, feed on, imbibe, ingest, inhale, meal, partake of, swallow; concept 169 —Ant. abstain take [v6] accept, adopt; use accommodate, admit, appropriate, assume, be aware of, behave, bring, deal with, delight in, do, effect, enjoy, enter upon, execute, exercise, exert, experience, function, give access, have, include, let in, like, luxuriate in, make, observe, operate, perform, play, practice, put in practice, react, receive, relish, sense, serve, take in, treat, undertake, utilize, welcome, work; concepts 100,124,225 —Ant. disallow, refuse, reject take [v7] understand accept, apprehend, assume, be aware of, believe, catch, compass, comprehend, consider, deem, expect, experience, feel, follow, gather, grasp, hold, imagine, interpret as, know, look upon, observe, perceive, presume, receive, reckon*, regard, see, see as, sense, suppose, suspect, take in, think, think of as; concept 15 —Ant. misconceive, misunderstand take [v8] win; be successful beat, be efficacious, do the trick, have effect, operate, pre vail, succeed, triumph, work; concept 706 —Ant. fail, lose take [v9] carry, transport; accompany attend, back, bear, bring, buck, cart, conduct, convey, convoy, drive, escort, ferry, fetch, go with, guide, gun, haul, heel, jag, journey, lead, lug, move, pack, piggyback*, pilot, ride, schlepp*, shoulder, steer, tote, tour, trek, truck, usher; concepts 114,187 —Ant. hold, keep, maintain take [v10] captivate, enchant allure, attract, become popular, bewitch, charm, delight, draw, entertain, fascinate, magnetize, overwhelm, please, wile, win favor; concept 11 —Ant. disenchant, repulse take [v11] require ask, call for, crave, demand, necessitate, need; concept 646 take [v12] subtract deduct, discount, draw back, eliminate, knock off, remove, take away, take off, take out; concepts 211,236,247 —Ant. add take [v13] cheat, deceive bamboozle*, beat*, bilk, con, cozen, defraud, do*, dupe, fiddle, flimflam*, gull, hoodwink, pull a fast one*, swindle, take for a ride*, trick; concepts 59,192 —Ant. be honest take [v14] contract, catch be seized, come down with*, derive, draw, get, sicken with, take sick with; concept 308 —Ant. be immune

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